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Have you been served with 'papers' ? Are you contemplating a lawsuit for a family matter?

Terry Davis has 30+ years of experience helping individuals work through difficult family issues.  Mr. Davis can help you understand and work through a divorce, custody, child support, paternity, visitation, and related matters.  Mr. Davis can also help you modify a prior divorce decree or court order if there has been a change in circumstances.

Divorce and Custody

We understand that divorce is a very difficult and emotional decision, particularly if there are children involved.  Typically, a judge will have to decide how to divide community property, who will be entrusted with primary custody of minor children, and in some cases determine the appropriate amount of support for the other spouse.  Mr. Davis will fight for your interests through this process. 


Modifications describe lawsuits filed to change a prior court order that is currently in place. Changing family circumstances sometimes make an old order obsolete or unworkable.  It could be a substantial change in the living environment, a pay raise, a layoff, change of jobs or locations, health conditions, or simply an agreement to make a change.  Regardless of the reason, our office will gladly help you make changes that are necessary for your family.

SAPCRs and Paternity Matters

SAPCRs are lawsuits that affect the parent-child relationships.  They are frequently used when the unmarried parents of minor children need a court order establishing who the parents are and their respective rights, duties, and obligations.  Paternity cases are lawsuits to establish the parent-child relationship between the biological father and the child.  In both of these situations, the court may order support, visitation and access, or custody.